Board of Supervisors Meeting – November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

A meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors was held on the 14th day of November 2016, in the Board Room of the Wayne County Courthouse, Corydon, Iowa, pursuant to notice of meeting subject to Iowa Code Section 21.4.  The Board noted due notice of meeting subject to said Code Section.

Present were David Dotts, Duffy Kester, John Sellers, members of the Board of Supervisors.

Unless otherwise noted, all motions were approved unanimously.

Sellers made the motion, seconded by Dotts to approve the Agenda.

Dotts made the motion, seconded by Sellers to approve the minutes of the October 24, 2016, meeting.

Sellers made the motion, seconded by Dotts to approve the claims as submitted.

The Board conducted the Official Canvass of the General Election held in Wayne County on the 8th day of November 2016, and reported the following:

For President/Vice President                  Votes                      For United State Senator           Votes

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine                         719                        Patty Judge                                 645

Donald J Trump/Michael R Pence         2069                        Charles E Grassley                   2195

Gary Johnson/Bill Weld                             78                        Charles Aldrich                              56

Lynn Kahn/Jay Stolba                                 4                        Jim Hennager                                28

Darrell L Castle/Scott N Bradley               10                        Michael Luck-Trams                        4

Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka                             17                        Scattering                                        1

Dan R Vacek/Mark G Elworth                    3

Gloria LaRiva/Dennis J Banks                  0                         For United States Representative District #2

Rocky Roquw DeLaFuente/                                                 Christopher Peters                     1687

Michael Steinberg                                     1                          Dave Loebsack                          1135

Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson             20                         Scattering                                         3

Scattering                                               19

For State Senator District #14                                            For State Representative District #14

Amy Sinclair                                     2422                          Richard Higdon                            603

Ruth Smith                                        373                           Joel Fry                                      2215

Scattering                                             5                           Scattering                                          1

For Board of Supervisors                                                  For County Auditor

Caleb Housh                                    905                          Michelle Dooley                           836

Duffy Kester                                  1399                          Tammy Clark                              2046

Billy Joe Alley                                 603                           Scattering                                        5

Scattering                                           5

For County Sheriff                                                         For County Hospital Trustee

Keith Davis                                 2652                           Darrell Cook                               1751

Scattering                                       33                           Jill Tueth                                     1864

Scattering                                                                      Scattering                                       28

For County Soil & Water                                               For County Agricultural Extension Council

Ralph Alshouse                     1635                               Kari Dodson                              1785

Gene Gibbs                           1724                              Melissa Davis Dyer                    1691

John Sellers Jr                      1846                              Patty Jones                                 1571

Scattering                                 32                              Daniel R Rockhold                      1674

Scattering                                                                  Scattering                                      29

For Benton Township Trustee                                   For Clay Township Trustee

Scattering                                8                                Dan May                                          8

Scattering                                                                  Scattering                                       8

For Clinton Township Trustee                                  For Corydon Township Trustee

Jerry Clow                             3                                 Gary Henderson                          107

Scattering                             7                                 Scattering                                        0

For Grand River Township Clerk                             For Howard Township Trustee

Doyle Ellis                            1                                 Scattering                                      5

Scattering                            0

For Jackson Township Trustee                              For Jefferson Township Trustee

Nicky Sulser                      63                                Milo Bettis                                    46

Scattering                           0                                Scattering                                      3

For Monroe Township Trustee                             For Richman Township Trustee

Larry Lutz                       23                                  Jerold L Sheets                           69

Scattering                         0                                  Scattering                                     1

For South Fork Township Trustee                      For Union Township Trustee

Robert DeVore              97                                  Mark Brown                                  5

Scattering                       4                                   Scattering                                    3

For Walnut Township Trustee                             For Warren Township Trustee

David L McElvain            77                                 Barry Andrews                           66

Scattering                         1                                 Scattering                                    0

For Washington Township Trustee                      For Wright Township Trustee

David Woolis                  107                                Jason Gradeless                       79

Scattering                          4                                 Scattering                                   2

The Board drew the name of Joel Petty for the position of Benton Township Trustee.  Also, drew the name of Don Liggett for the position of Howard Township Trustee.  It was noted that in Grand River Township the name of Doyle Ellis had been written in, but at present was the Clerk of said Township and that the Board would contact Mr. Ellis and the position for Trustee will need to be appointed by the Clerk and Trustees of said Township.

Sellers made the motion, seconded by Dotts to approve the Official Canvass as reported above.

Trever Wolf, County Engineer, was present and requested that the Board review and approve the Couchman Project for a pond with an estimated cost of $80,000.00 to $90,000.00 with cost share funds.  Dotts made the motion seconded by Sellers to approve the project.  Wolf also updated the Board on various projects his department was working on and the arrival of new equipment.

Wolf also presented and reviewed the petition presented for a road in Section 11 of Monroe Township, 235th Street, requesting that classification of the road be changed from Area Service “B” to Area Service “C” noting that the landowner would clear the brush and that it would be used as a walking path by those in the area.  It was noted that public notice would be given providing for a public hearing in December.

Sellers made the motion, seconded by Dotts to approve Resolution 11-14-2016, a Resolution allowing the Board of Supervisors, as a member of CROSS, to appoint Mendy Middlebrook as their Designee, allowing her the power to vote on behalf of the Board.

It was noted that James McIntosh has been hired as an operator in the Secondary Road Department at an hourly rate of $18.95 effective the 7th day of November 2016, then increase to $19.20 after his probationary period effective May 7, 2017.  It was also noted that Greg Fortune has been hired as an operator in the Secondary Road Department at an hourly rate of $18.95 effective November 28, 2016, then increase to $19.30 after his probationary period effective May 28, 2017.

The monthly reports of the Wayne County Clerk of Court; Angie Horton, County Recorder; and Keith Davis, County Sheriff were approved and filed.

There being no further business the Board recessed until the next regular scheduled meeting to be held on the 28th day of November 2016.


Duffy Kester, Chairperson

Attest: ______________________________

Sue Ruble, County Auditor