Where Do I Go?



Annual Financial Report:
FY23 Wayne County GAAP Report
FY23 Wayne County CASH Report
Assessed property values in the county – Assessor’s Office | Website
Automobile registration – Treasurer’s Office
Application for Use of Wayne County Courthouse -Auditor’s Office


Birth certificates – Recorder’s Office
Birth records – Recorder’s Office
Board of Supervisors Meeting Agendas
Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Brush Removal and Clearing – Engineer
Budgets|Department of Management Website


Camping, Picnic Shelters Information – Conservation
Cemetery Information
Chariton Valley Grant Loan Application
Chronic Wasting Disease- Conservation CWD Awareness 2022
Closed Roads – County Engineer’s Office
Consolidated Tax Levy Rates by Districts to be collected in FY24 
Corydon – City of Corydon | Website
Corydon – Allerton Chamber


Death Certificates – Recorder’s Office
Deer License – Recorder’s Office
Driver’s License – Treasurer’s Office
Dust Control – Engineer Resolution 24-19 (Dust Control Policy)
Department of Natural Resources(Iowa)


Economic Development – Wayne County Dev. Office
E911 – Emergency Management Office
Elections – Auditor’s Office | Website 
Employment Application
Employment Opportunities: None at this time

Exemptions, Property Tax – Assessor’s Office


FEMA Information – Emergency Management Office
Fines – Clerk of Court
Firearm Purchasing Permit – Sheriff’s Office


General Relief – Wayne County Community Services Office


HIPAA- Wayne County HIPAA Policies and Procedures Manual
Holidays, Courthouse Closed
Homestead Exemption – Assessor’s Office
Humeston – City of Humeston | Website
Hunter Safety Education Classes – Recorder’s Office
Hunting and Fishing Licenses – Recorder’s Office


Iowa Workforce Development on Coursera-Coursera Message
Inspection (Septic systems) – Environmental Health Office


Jury Duty Information – Clerk of Court


Nothing currently exists for K


Landfill/Recycling (Wayne, Ringgold & Decatur(WRD) County Landfill)
Level B roads – Engineer
Level C roads – Engineer
Licenses, Boat – Recorder’s Office
Licenses, Drivers – Treasurer’s Office
Licenses, Hunting and Fishing – Recorder’s Office
License Plates – Treasurer’s Office
Liens – Recorder’s Office


Marriage License Issuance – Recorder’s page
Mental Health – Wayne County Community Services Office
Military Records – Recorder’s Office or Veteran’s affairs Office
Motor Vehicle Registration – Treasurer’s Office


Noxious Weeds & Fines-Engineer Resolution 24-20 (Destruction of Noxious Weeds & Fines)


Ordinances, Wayne County – Auditor’s Office


Passports – Auditor’s Office Travel.state.gov website
Passport Photos- Recorder’s Office
Permits-Engineers Annual Oversize Permit
Annual Oversize Permit
Annual Oversize-Overweight Permit
Certificate of Liability Insurance Sample
Entrance Permit updated 10/27/22
Amended Entrance Policy 2021 0125
Multi Trip Permit
Raw Forest Route Approval Permit updated 10/27/22
Right to Work in Right-of-Way Permit updated 10/27/22
Round Trip Permit
Single Trip Permit
Utility Permit updated 10/27/22
Permit to Carry Concealed Weapon – Sheriff’s Office
Permits – Septic – Environmental Health Office
Property and Assessment Information – Assessor’s Office
Property Tax Credits – Assessor’s Office
Property Tax Exemption – Assessor’s Office
Property Tax – How Is Your Property Tax Calculated?
Property Tax Online Payment-Treasurer’s Office | Website


Nothing currently exists for Q


Radon Kits – Environmental Health Office
Railway Merger; Canadian Pacific(CP) and Kansas City Southern(KCS)-Board of Supervisor/Engineer
Real Estate Recording Information & Fees – Recorder’s page
Real Estate Transfer Information – Recorder’s Office
Road Closings & Construction – Engineer’s Office
Road Damage – Engineer


Schedule Courthouse Event – Auditor’s Office
School Districts
Septic Inspections – Environmental Health Office
Seymour- City of Seymour | Website
Sheriff Sale Notices – Sheriff’s Office | Website
Signs, 911 house numbers – Emergency Management Office
Signs, road – Engineer’s Office
Snowmobile Registration – Recorder’s Office
Snow Removal – Engineer
Southern Iowa Development & Conservation Authority (SIDCA) SIDCA 2023 Annual Final Report 
Supervisor’s meetings


Taxable Valuations By Levy Authority for Assessed Year 2022; Collection year 2023-2024
Taxes, assessment procedures – Assessor’s Office
Tax Payments – Treasurer’s Office
Traffic ticket payment – Clerk of Court
Tourism – Wayne County Development Office
Transit 10-15 Website


Nothing currently exists for U


Vehicle Titles & Registration – Treasurer’s Office
Veterans Benefits – Veteran’s Affairs Office
Vital Records – Recorder’s Office
Voter Registration – Auditor’s Office
Voting – Auditor’s Office


Website Administration – Auditor’s Office
Wild Turkey Licenses – Recorder’s Office
Working within the Right of Way – Engineer


Nothing currently exists for X


Nothing currently exists for Y


Zoning – Assessor’s Office