Board of Supervisors Meeting – October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018
A meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors was held on the 22nd day of October, 2018, in the Board Room of the Wayne County Courthouse, Corydon, Iowa, pursuant to notice duly given in compliance with Iowa Code Section 21.4. The Board noted due notice of meeting subject to said Code Section.
Present were David Dotts, Duffy Kester, John Sellers, members of the Board of Supervisors.
Unless otherwise noted, all motions were approved unanimously.
Kester made the motion seconded by Sellers to approve the Agenda with the addition of Bonnie Friend and Joella Perry.
Sellers made the motion seconded by Kester to approve the minutes of the October 8th meeting.
Kester made the motion with a 2nd by Sellers to approve the claims.
Jeff Skalberg, County Engineer, was present to provide updates on secondary roads. Skalberg had reached out to 3 companies for bids for a truck replacement, but has heard back from only one. He also gave updates on culverts that had been damaged by flooding as well updates on 170th and Vale. Kester voted to table appointing a new Title VI and OSHA coordinator with a 2nd by Sellers.
Bonnie Friend, Executive Director of Wayne County Conservation, asked the Board for permission to set up a display in the courthouse from Blank Park Zoo regarding non-lead ammo and lures. Kester made the motion with a 2nd by Sellers to approve the display. Friend stated that the parks will be closing on Oct. 31st, with Bob White closing on Dec. 1st. The haunted forest at Moore-Gosch and trick or treating at Bob White were both successful activities.
Joelle Perry, Veteran’s Affairs, discussed the need for a new computer. Perry presented the Board with two quotes. Kester asked if she could hold off for a short time until some things were checked out with Access. Perry also discussed the need for new programs that would meet Carosh guidelines. Sellers and Dotts attended the VA training in Des Moines with Perry and her commissioners and stated that they learned a great deal.
Michelle Dooley, Auditor, presented the CASI report. Sellers made a motion with a 2nd by Kester to accept the plan. Dooley also shared the FY18 adjustment for IMWCA. The auditor has also been working with ISU Extension to provide a Jan. 8th training for clerks and trustees. Kester made a motion with a 2nd by Sellers to provide $500 toward the training. Dooley also discussed Cyber Security that the Secretary of State’s office is requiring. Kester made a motion with a 2nd by Sellers to proceed with the 2-3 hr. install on Nov. 3rd.
Dotts and Sellers both discussed their attendance at the VA meeting in Des Moines. Sellers stated that the meeting clearly outlined the responsibilities of the Board in Veterans’ Affairs.
Kester shared information from the Milestones meeting he attended. Lack of funding continues to be a major concern with Milestones.
Sellers made the motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Kester at 10:50 AM.

There being no further business, the next meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors will be held on the 5th day of November, 2018.

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David Dotts, Chairperson Denise Becker, Secretary