Board of Supervisors Meeting – November 27, 2017

Nov. 27, 2017
A meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors was held on the 27th day of November, 2017, in the Board Room of the Wayne County Courthouse, Corydon, Iowa, pursuant to notice duly given in compliance with Iowa Code Section 21.4. The Board noted due notice of meeting subject to said Code Section.
Present were David Dotts, Duffy Kester, John Sellers, members of the Board of Supervisors.
Unless otherwise noted, all motions were approved unanimously.
Sellers made the motion seconded by Kester to approve the Agenda.
Kester made the motion seconded by Sellers to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2017 meeting.
Sellers made the motion with a 2nd by Kester to approve the claims.
A conference call was held with County Attorney, Alan Wilson, to discuss the Compensation Board’s recommendation for salaries for elected officials. He will check into their question pertaining to no raise for the Supervisors and how that might affect the raises for the other offices. Sellers feels that the Compensation Board may have been swayed by a member of that Board and that the 1.5% raise recommended by the Comp. Board is a slap in the face to the Wayne County Board of Supervisors. He stated that each Supervisor serves on 7 Boards as part of their job. Recommended salary increases for elected officials were 1.5% for Supervisors, 4.5% for the Sheriff, and 3.5% for all other offices. Presently Wayne County ranks near the bottom for salaries of elected officials.
Kim Swearingin, Treasurer, addressed the Board to ask for a suspension of taxes for a parcel in Wayne County. After much discussion on how the County would recoup the taxes on this property, Sellers made the motion with a 2nd by Kester to suspend the 2016 taxes for Parcel 01150E365009.
Tammy Clark, Auditor, presented the total savings on the combining of precincts for the recent city election. Wayne County saved $2058.74 due to her efforts. Sellers thanked her for her savings to the County. Clark also stated that the school and city elections will be combined in 2019, which will result in more savings.
Joella Perry, Veterans’ Affairs, discussed recent changes, including moving to a new office. Perry will be moving to a larger space where the Extension Office was housed in the lower floor of the courthouse. GRM will move the phone lines and a new copier is coming on Wednesday. Perry also discussed items that are set forth in the Iowa Code that she must follow and that members of her Board must be bonded.
Lorena Blount discussed the importance of Outdoor Education with the Board. We now hire a ¼ time Naturalist who is shared with Decatur County. Kayla Stalder reaches 500 students in one month by working one day per week in Wayne County. Decatur County will hire her full time next year. Blount pointed out that Wayne County has good parks and camping revenues have increased $17,000 since 2014. She also told the Board that kids are spending on average 6 hours per day on a screen and need a Naturalist to help them experience the outdoors. The Board will hold a special meeting with Conservation Executive Director, Bonnie Friend, to discuss how this might fit into her budget.
Trevor Wolf, Engineer, presented information on bridge materials that could make two 65 ft bridges. Kester made the motion with a second by Dotts to purchase the bridge materials for $100,000.
Kester made the motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Dotts at 11:15 AM.

There being no further business, the next meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors will be held on the 4th day of December 2017.

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David Dotts, Chairperson Denise Becker, Secretary