Board of Supervisors Meeting – November 13, 2018

Nov. 13, 2018
A meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors was held on the 13th day of November, 2018, in the Board Room of the Wayne County Courthouse, Corydon, Iowa, pursuant to notice duly given in compliance with Iowa Code Section 21.4. The Board noted due notice of meeting subject to said Code Section.
The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Chairman David Dotts.
Present were David Dotts, Duffy Kester, John Sellers, members of the Board of Supervisors.
Unless otherwise noted, all motions were approved unanimously.
Michelle Dooley, Wayne County Auditor, discussed the need to recount ballots in Howard Township. There was one write-in vote for township clerk, but the name was not recorded in the count. Sellers made the motion with a 2nd by Kester to approve the following people to recount the votes in Howard Township – Bryan Shelley, Denise Becker, Vivian Davis, and Beth Freeman. The group will also do the audit required by the state. They will be recount the votes for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the Humeston precinct.
Wayne County Engineer, Jeff Skalberg, was present to get signatures on the final plans for the Federal Aid Swap bridge on S56 South Chariton north of Promise City.
Kester made the motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Sellers.

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David Dotts, Chairperson Denise Becker, Secretary